Computer Systems for Long Term Care

Company Overview

Our Mission

Our primary goal is to provide high quality, low cost software for long-term care facilities that include Skilled Nursing Facilities, Adult Day Facilities, and Adult Homes. In addition, we strive to maintain a standard of excellence in the areas of client support and service.


Founded in 1984, P&NP Computer Services, Inc. has built its client base within the state of New York. Restricting our area of operations has allowed us to respond accurately and quickly to all Federal and State regulatory demands as well as to individual client needs.

The original software focused on resident clinical and financial needs. Since then, our line has been expanded to include Accounting, Staff Management, Materials Management, Fixed Assets, and more. Full integration saves facilities valuable staff time, maintains consistency, and reduces the number of errors from redundant data entry. Our modular systems allow you to define a system that works best for your unique needs.

Our strong support and service is reflected in our targeted user meetings, 120-day warranty service, frequent newsletters, and educational outreach programs.

Our Philosophy

The philosophy of P&NP has been to:

Our Software

Our software is multi-user 32-bit windows-based and runs on Windows networks. We have three primary management systems (Resident, Financial, and Employee) composed of modules that can be combined in numerous ways to suit the needs of your facility. Each of the three systems integrates information with the other two. Data can be exported for reporting to third parties such as eMedNY, CMS, and the Department of Health.